Thursday, 20 October 2011

Carbon Monoxide Injuries

Carbon monoxide injuries are often not recognized for the long term effects that can persist. Neurological symptoms are present because of the way that carbon monoxide affects the general operation of the body. Imagine that oxygen is vital for your body to function. Then think that carbon monoxide inhibits your body from utilizing the oxygen that should be coursing round every cell in your body keeping it alive. Carbon monoxide binds to the hemoglobin much easier than oxygen in other words it takes the place of the oxygen starving your body quite literally of its life’s blood. These symptoms can display themselves 2 days to much longer, around 6 weeks after an event. If a proper diagnosis is not sought soon enough you may be injured for life. The toxic effects can continue during this time, which can display itself in various neurological or behavioral effects can manifest themselves. The symptoms can include memory loss, irritability, confusion, a general change in mood, a loss of balance (vertigo type feeling) and disorientation. These symptoms can also be much worse than this and include seizures, psychosis bowel conditions, incontinence and hallucinations.

Given that most Dr’s are not aware that these symptoms exist much less how to treat them this may leave you with permanent medical problems that may make every day living very difficult. You may have a claim against the persons or organization who was responsible. Don’t be afraid of thinking about claiming we are here to help. We know that sitting in front of a lawyer can be very daunting, especially if you have some of the symptoms that are listed above. That is where we will help.

We only deal with Lawyers who understand your issues and can completely identify with your issues. Many law firms will try but they don’t understand you issues and will not get you the award that you deserve. We will also be by your side throughout your claim in the event that you don not understand what is happening to you or that you don’t understand the legal process.

We have been working in the field of carbon monoxide for over 12 years and we have come across most eventualities. It’s really simple, Just either email me or call our toll free number. I will call you back we will talk for as long as you need to and discuss your problems and how best to move forward. You can then think about the process and take it at your own pace.

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