Monday, 31 October 2011

The Thorny Issue of Data

Through our recently launched newsletter, we hope to be able to gather much better data regarding the collation of data from where ever it resides.

Our preliminary studies have shown vast differences in  the figures of reported deaths and injuries. For instance The USA reports around 500 deaths a year and France from what data is available, reports around 300. If these figures are right why is there such a disparity in the figures. France is a fifth the size of the USA so why are its figures so high? Is it just that the reported figures are as a result of better testing of bodies and patients?  We mentioned the UK why then are the official figures for the UK last year 4, yes that’s right 4, from what we can gather the Charity CO Gas safety has by far the best data for the UK as it goes back the furthest around 15 years.

The three countries broadly use fossil fuel burning appliances in a very similar way so why are these figures so different? We hope that this news letter will be able to drill down through then statistics to find what the true figures are. It is a very difficult task as taking the USA  alone the different States have different reporting procedures, this very much came to light earlier this year when we worked with the Illinois house of representatives regarding new legislation for CO detectors. We believe that if all bodies were checked for a range of poisons including Carbon monoxide then the true figure would become known. The true figure could be scary indeed.

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