Affected by Carbon Monoxide?

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Chronic Exposure

Chronic exposure is where somebody is exposed to carbon monoxide in lower levels than during an acute episode but experiences these levels of carbon monoxide exposure over a longer time frame. Chronic exposure normally takes place over longer than a 24 hour period.

These levels do not have to be very high at all; even in levels in single figures over a long period of time can create issues that may never go away in some people. Typically, these types of exposure are due to malfunctioning equipment such as furnaces, boilers or air-conditioning units, although there may be many other types of equipment that can also give rise to chronic exposure such as generators and automobiles etc.

We all know that our bodies need oxygen to survive, without oxygen the function of every cell in our body is inhibited. If this goes on for long enough then permanent damage may be caused by the lack of oxygen but also by carbon monoxide poisoning at a cellular level. The symptoms for this type of event are manifold, please see the symptom page to get more information about how one is affected by carbon monoxide in this type of event.

As mentioned before it is vital to get readings at the scene of an event in order that we know how best to treat this kind of exposure. Generally speaking if this exposure has been going on for a long time there is little medical treatment that will do anything to alleviate issues that have built up over time. It is therefore vital, should you decide to take a case against anybody who you feel is responsible for the carbon monoxide exposure, that you contact us with the relevant evidence in order to prove the case. Whilst Medical treatment may not be effective in this area it is still vital that bloods are taken and the parts per million of Carbon Monoxide at the scene are recorded in order to make a case for you against anybody you feel is responsible.